Airfreight is all about promptitude and adhering to delivery schedules. Naturally, the clients require a reliable, flexible and swift service.

We are familiar with this line of business and the people of air cargo. We won’t place you in the waiting loop or in the virtual no-man’s land, but instead, meet you in our office without delay. We believe in advising our customers personally, whether they represent an established enterprise or a start-up. We handle your airfreight and ensure that it will duly arrive at the destination. We will handle matters that will immensely exceed the standard procedure in this line of business. Should your order require overtime, then it will be so.

We will transport air cargo immaterial of size and type.

All clear with Allsta:

Air cargo from airport-to-airport or even from door-to- door

Forwarding of import, transit and export cargo

Charter cargo planes, in part or fully

All the way from an on-board courier for the small express packages right to conventional forwarding of bulky goods

All-round value added airfreight service